If you are planning to wholesale cheap plant nutrient from best China plant nutrient, organic fertilizer, micro elements fertilizer, seaweed organic fertilizer manufacturers and professional factory, please feel free to contact SHANGHAI CBAGRO CO.,LTD。SHANGHAI CBAGRO CO.,LTD is branch company of China Biotech Agriculture (CBA)Co.,Ltd, focus on manufacture of green agro fertilizers - EDDHA chelate fertilizer, EDTA chelate fertilizer, liquid bio fertilizer, organic fertilizers, plant nutrient, micro elements fertilizer.SHANGHAI CBAGRO CO.,LTD Green agro fertilizer manufacture & supplier, we are a leading manufacturers and suppliers of bio fertilizers in China. B&J is professionally in supply Organic fertilizers, EDDHA and EDTA Chelated fertilizers, Liquid bio fertilizers, Trace elements fertilizers, Water soluble fertilizer etc.

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Tel: +86-21-61507155